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The Law Office of Mark Gatesman PLC takes great pride in the service and work it has provided its hundreds of probate and criminal defense clients over the years. 


Gatesman Successfully Defends Client in Howard Boys Gang Trial 

'One of the six men on trial, Jamil Cureton, was found not guilty on a racketeering charge, and a charge of selling crack cocaine was dismissed. Cureton's attorney, Mark Gatesman, said his client is happy the trial and ordeal are over. ' 

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Gatesman Successfully Defends George Robert Tanner Against Improper Court Proceedings 

A jury will not hear the alleged confession of a Brighton Township man accused of beating, strangling and burning a Lyon Township man, a Livingston County Circuit Court judge ruled Wednesday. Tanner and Brian Jeffrey Stafford are charged with open murder and disinterment or mutilation of a dead body in connection with the Oct. 15 slaying of Christopher London Townsend, 40.

Tanner's attorney, Mark Gatesman, accused officers of using "trickery (and) untruths" when they failed to tell Tanner that he had an attorney available.As a result, Gatesman said, Tanner could not have "knowingly" waived his right to legal representation.

~Daily Press & Argus, Lisa Church 


Michigan Client Required Defense for Possession of Narcotics

“I live in Livingston County and on a high school trip to Florida, I foolishly experimented with drugs and ended up being arrested for possession of narcotics.  My parents immediately began looking for an attorney to handle my criminal matter in Florida.  My parents hired attorney Mark Gatesman because he is licensed to practice law in both Michigan and Florida.  Upon my return from Florida we were able to meet with Mark and he explained to us how we resolve the case without me having a criminal record.  Mark even flew to Florida with us and represented me in Court.  Thanks to Mark I don’t have a criminal record”. 


False Acquisition Defense While on Probation 

“While on Holmes Youthful Trainee probation for Breaking and Entering I was accused of Home Invasion and Safe Breaking which was completely untrue.  I hired Attorney Mark Gatesman to fight the charges.   At trial, Mark was able to persuade the jury of my innocence.  Since I was found innocent of the Home Invasion and Safe Breaking, my probation was not violated, I was discharged off probation.  Thanks to Mark, I don’t have a criminal record”.