Have a drunk driving charge?

Mark Gatesman understands that a DUI charge is tough, and it can happen to anyone. It can be an embarrassing time when such a mistake occurs. Mark is highly experienced and successful in helping people with DUI and OUI Defense, and can make the experience less troublesome. You need an attorney to assist you. Contact Mark as soon as possible to protect your driving privileges.

DUIs can result in jail time, fines owed to the county and the state of Michigan, and license suspension. Just because you are charged with a DUI does not mean you have to be convicted of a DUI. Mark is knowledgeable in effective negotiation skills to plea to a lesser offense of impaired driving. Impaired driving allows avoidance of a suspended license.

In some DUI cases, having a high blood alcohol level (B.A.C. of .17 or higher) makes for a greater charge. These can be reduced if you are eligible for a lesser offence. Let mark use his expertise and experience to negotiate your high B.A.C. drunk driving and allow you to plea to a simple DUI. Simple DUIs have lower fines, length of probation, and has a 30 day license suspension versus 45 days with a high B.A.C.

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You can also refer below to some basic information on the process of handling a Drunk Driving charge:

Be prepared for arraignment:

• This process occurs 5 to 7 days after your arrest, and sets the terms of your bond. A lawyer will assist you through this process in negotiating with the prosecutor for a fair resolution of your case. Positive information regarding you and your case must be brought to the judge’s attention. Mark will also ensure you are informed of the requirements for drug and alcohol testing.
• With proper representation at arraignment, you can remain out of jail for pretrial and possibly avoid high bond amounts with drug testing regulations.
• Without such representation, you may be taken into custody. This could later entail being prohibited to travel out of state, being prohibited to drive, and mandatory drug testing.

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Make the decision to go to trial or plea guilty:

• An attorney will work out a fair resolution to your case with information in your favor including but not limited to: having no criminal record, causing no accident during the event, or having a low blood alcohol level.
• This should result in a reduced charge of Impaired Driving. Such a resolution allows you to keep your license, receive fewer points on your driving record, avoid higher insurance premiums, and less or no fines and jail.

Recognize that when cases have certain characteristics, you may go to trial:

• This occurrence is rare, however Gatesman law may have to represent you at trial to protect your freedom due to reasons such as a lack of evidence, police misconduct, or unreliable evidence or witnesses.

Felony Drunk Driving

A third or more charges of DUI with two prior DUI convictions could subject you to prison time. Mark knows how to assist a person facing a felony DUI charge to avoid prison and receive lesser county jail time.
Mark can have your case evaluated for eligibility for drug treatment court, which can dramatically reduce your jail time and allow you to avoid prison, and even allow you to get a restricted license.

With over 25 years of experience, Mark is very successful and reliable in handling DUI/OUI cases.

Although we cannot ensure a specific result of your case, we can assure you that we will work tirelessly for a reduced charge or more, depending on the options available pertaining to your case.

Do not hesitate to call Mr. Gatesman at 810-534-7472 for a free consultation, and we can evaluate your case to see what actions can be taken that are best for you.

**This information is not to be taken as individual legal advice. Contacting Mark Gateman through email or phone, free, will ensure that the proper steps are taken in handling your case.**