Driving While License Suspended

A driver’s license can be suspended without your knowledge, and it could result in a DWLS conviction. Before you risk further suspension or jail time you should discuss your driving while license suspended ticket with a lawyer who has successfully handled cases in Michigan Courts.

Causes for a Suspended License include:
● An inadvertently unpaid ticket
● Failure to pay SOS reinstatement fee
● Failure to pay state impact fees for past criminal convictions such as
○ Drug possession
○ DUI, Impaired driving

A conviction for DWLS can have a long standing impact on your license. Don’t be fooled by an offer from the Judge or Prosecutor about resolving your DWLS with a Plea to No Operator’s permit on Person. This process could lead you into as seemingly endless cycle of jail time and fees and additional license suspensions. Talk to a lawyer before resolving your DWLS issue. What happens in Court can affect your ability to drive for years.
DWLS carries up to a year in Jail. Mark can help you avoid additional suspension and get your license back.

Driver’s License Appeal

Before you give up on trying to appeal the suspension of your license, talk to a lawyer who successfully handled driver’s license appeal hearing throughout the state. If you license is suspended, you may be eligible for reinstatement of your license by appealing to the DAAD/DALD, (Driver Assessment Appeal Division).

Mark will use is depth of knowledge to prepare you properly for the Driver’s License Appeal hearing. Making sure you of what evidence needs to be presented to the Hearing officer, so you have the best shot at getting your driver’s license back.

Being prepared for the appeal hearing includes:
o Understanding what testimonies at the hearing are most impactful to the hearing officer
o Making sure you have the best evidence of your sobriety in front presented to the hearing officer
o Understanding what vital information the hearing office is looking for in letters of recommendation.

Mark can also help those with Habitual driver’s License suspension get a permit allowing them to drive. Mark knows how to persuade DALD (Drivers Appeal License Division) hearing officers to restore driving privileges.

Know your rights – you may be eligible for an interlock breath device in our care which restores your driving privileges for work purposes and in some cases for full restoration.