25 Years of Criminal & Probate Law Experience in Livingston County


The Law Office of Mark Gatesman PLC has over 25 years of law experience and specializes in state and federal criminal defense and probate law. The two and a half decades I have spent practicing law have taught me every case is unique and requires focused and special attention to detail.




I have successfully defended high-profile clients who were falsely accused of crimes as serious as murder, as well as managed probate and estate planning projects valued at millions of dollars.



I have always had a passion for connecting and meeting with people and understanding their unique circumstances whether it has to do with planning for future family events or defending them against an unfortunate criminal situation.



I am proud to say I was born and raised in Livingston County and work with the Judges and Prosecutors on a daily basis.


"Thanks to Mark, I don’t have a criminal record”.

Breaking & Entering

“I live in Livingston County and on a high school trip to Florida I foolishly experimented with drugs and ended up being arrested for possession of narcotics. Mark  flew to Florida with us and represented me in Court.  Thanks to Mark I don’t have a criminal record”. 

Possession of Narcotics

"At trial, Mark was able to persuade the jury of my innocence. Since I was found innocent, my probation was not violated." 

False Acquisition