Specialty Courts – Drug Court, “IT” Court

Every case and person are different and Mark understands how to use your individual circumstances in resolving your case in your best interest. Your arrest could be in part due to drug, alcohol or mental health problems. Mark is familiar with Specialty Courts and if they are right for you. He will work hard to get you the help the Court offers.

Participation in “Specialty Courts” like “Drug Court” and “Intensive Treatment Court “IT” Court can lessen the amount of jail served and grant eligibility for a driver’s license where you otherwise could lose your license for years.

Mark knows how to navigate the system in your favor to determine if the unique characteristics of your case make you eligible for a Specialty Court. You need a lawyer on your side to advocate for you and make sure you have access to a court that meets your needs, provides rehabilitation, and allows you to drive in order to support yourself and your family.