Misdemeanor vs. Felony Charges



  • 1 year maximum term in a local jail
  • Probation can follow jail time, or stand alone.
    • Probation is a form of supervision where you report to a court official called a Probation Officer who monitors your compliance with your sentence or court orders including:
      • Community Service
      • Drug and/or Alcohol Testing
      • Paying Fines/Costs/Restitution
      • Counseling
  • Some examples of misdemeanor offences include:
  •             Domestic violence (spouse abuse)
  •             DUI
  •             DUI (high blood alcohol level)
  •             Driving while license suspended
  •             Possession of Marijuana




  • Punishable by more than 1 year in a prison, sentencing to less than a year in a local jail is also feasible (with probation following)
  • Parole follows incarceration in a prison
    • Consists of a Parole Officer monitoring your compliance with Parole Bond orders such as:
      • Maintaining a Job
      • Counseling
      • Drug and/or Alcohol Testing
  • Examples of Felonious Offences include:
  •             Resisting Arrest/Police
  •             Aggravated spouse abuse
  •             Stalking (aggravated)
  •             Home invasion
  •             Criminal sexual conduct
  •             Malicious destruction of property