Domestic Violence and Spouse Abuse

Mark understands that in relationships, minor arguments can grow into unintended and highly emotional situations. Domestic situations should be handled with experience, and with over 25 years of such, Mark Gatesman can effectively assist in settling the situation. You need an experienced domestic violence attorney on your side when the police and prosecutor are not.

In any criminal matter you need an attorney at every stage of the criminal process to fight for you.

Arraignment is your first Court appearance after arrest.

No Contact Order

With this in mind, Mark knows that these mistakes can get out of hand, and you may want removal of a No Contact Order so that you can work things out with your partner, and bring your family back together. Knowing the system, Mark can work effectively with your judge and prosecutor to remove the No Contact provision.

If you are a hunter or have a concealed permit, Mark knows how to resolve your case without you losing your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

You need a lawyer at arraignment. Without help from an attorney, you could be ordered from your home, prohibited from weapon rights, and scheduled fro drug and alcohol testing when it may not be necessary.
Pre-trial is your opportunity to negotiate a fair resolution to your case with a plea of guilty or no contest to your charges. Mark know how to aggressively and effectively negotiate a fair and reasonable resolution to your case and to represent you at sentencing to ensure you get the best shot at justice with judge when your sentence decided by the Judge.
The Constitution guarantee’s you a Jury Trial
Improper representation can result in a prison or jail sentence, extensive fines, personal protection orders, limitations on child visitation, mandatory counseling, and a loss of weapon privileges.
An attorney can negotiate a sentence and refer you to counseling to resolve the case without conviction.

Contact an attorney as soon as out of jail. Have least amount of impact on your life,  changing modifying no contact with family/ wife/ victim.  Have access to you home again.

Be prepared when you go to court to have facts about the case come out.  Mark knows how to get your side of the story and just what the police out to the prosecutor and judge.

Diversion which is procedure where your case be resolved with out a jury trial and still no criminal record.

Mark can let you know what kind of conditions the court will require of you for your sentence.  Mark is familur and will versed in special evidence rules for DV cases.

Know right police can tell a jury there version of what your wife or girlfried say you did to them, bu Mark can make sure you voice is heard and your story is known to Jury, judge and prosecutor .

Big thing bond conditions access to your home and family

No record

Jail time avoidance


Any questions please call/text/email Mark Gatesman